SOULFUL PLACES… Mérida, Yucatán, Mx.

Soulful Places… Mérida

Mérida and its surroundings are the kind of places you want to explore in depth. Their richness will leave you mesmerized. Sometimes we are traveling on the go, and stopping for a few days does not match our schedule. If this is the case, you still won’t regret paying a visit to some of the most magical spots you’ll find in Mérida. 

Mérida's facades have left us day dreaming… If you’re into colorful Mexican towns, be sure to bring your camera, your heart will probably melt after a couple of steps along its streets. 


Are you a morning person? Set your alarm clock before 8:30 am and take a jog or power walk along “Paseo Montejo”. This wide green street has some of the most beautiful houses called “Las Casonas”. We can asure you the scenery is worth an early rise! 

In the mood for something refreshing? Take a late afternoon walk, around sun down. Head over to “Sorbetería Colón” - this sorbete and ice cream shop was built in 1907 and has been a total success ever since. Get a taste of Mexico’s tropical flavors and get to know “los yucatecos” well kept family tradition. How to get to there? Map: click here


You might decide to stay here… Beautiful boutique hotel right inside the heart of Merida´s downtown. If you are crashing and old friend’s place or one of the Haciendas, or just passing by, could always stop for breakfast. If you do, make sure to take a peek at their roof top. Quite an interesting selection of materials, you’ll see…


Perfect for lunch or a somewhat romantic dinner. Known for its exquisite cuisine, you’ll get a taste of Merida’s traditional dishes. The salon where the meals are served is simply beautiful, if you are lucky live piano will be part of your experience.


Last but not least, if you manage to extend your stay, make sure you visit at least one or two cenotes. You won't regret this one. Yucatán is well known for these natural pits which resulted from the collapse of limestone bedrock. Diving into a cenote is a unique experience, hard to match! Magical colors, refreshing waters, deep connection with Mother's Earth healing powers. 

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WEATHER WARNING: be prepared, heat can be intense. 


~ APao 

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