Our first 'where to eat?' post takes place in one of our favorite breakfast, brunch & lunch spots in Mexico City. Meet DEGÚ - Cocina de Casa.  Food palace / work place of our dear friend (and WAYS retreat's chef) Paulina Márquez. 

Located in one of Mexico's City bohemian-chic neighborhoods, La Condesa, DEGÚ is well known for it's "build-your-own kind of menu". The concept behind it all is simple and straight forward "COCINA DE CASA" which literary means "HOME KITCHEN". Yes, you'll feel at home, perfect spot to hit when on the mood for comfort food. It's a full menu soup/salad, creative and delicious sides to go along your main and of course yummy dessert and coffee, you simply can't go wrong!   

We couldn't wait to share this complete-wood-interior gem with you, we are amazed with the work, art, passion and talent that Pau has put into this beautiful life project.  We are inspired by her drive, soul, and passion for perfection. A personality blend that isn't so common these days. 

Coffee for two, please. 

For real, the perfect spot for "business" meetings (a.k.a. laughing out loud, gossip and the such, various desserts ordered, and no work done whatsoever.)

interiors: clean + alternative + simple + chic

more coffee, please.

Summing it up... FAIR PRICING - We know eating out everyday isn't always the best plan for our wallets, yet there's restaurants like Degú that would allow you to do so without spilling your savings. HEALTHY - All food is cooked consciously using the best ingredients and condiments. VARIETY - The menú changes everyday, so technically you could go daily and not be bored. 

May I recomend visiting especially for Sunday breakfast... JUST LIKE HOME. 


— F. 

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Huichapan #25 Condesa, 06140 Mexico City, Mexico / 01 55 6731 5294