WAYS favorites...

We'll be sharing some of our favorite products with you, stay tuned...  

We believe in.... 

Supporting local markets, and going back to our roots - back to nature! We believe in high quality ingredients, simple & transparent labels, no conservatives or harming chemicals. 

We honor Mother Earth, low environmental impact, holistic living... projects that have been developed with love and passion for a greater good. 

 ways first pick: MOKAI

we love mokai's essential oils!

Essential Oils are deeply healing, calming, relaxing and reenergizing, depending on your needs.

We love them when... 

In pain: headaches, bruises, sore muscles... or just to ease tension, lack of sleep or stress! 

Before Savasana... rub some drops behind your ears, neck area & temples. 

When preparing a safe space for: meditation, reading, massage... you name it!

Just add 8 drops to a diffuser and allow yourself to gently drop into this space. 


Find you personal best: HERE

love, WAYS.