"The ego seeks to divide & separate. Spirit seeks to unify & heal."





In this human form I've come to know life, it has been from soul craving that I've chosen my path. Self-study is about diving deep into the core of universal wisdom for a better understanding of our purpose and presence in this reality.

Ten years ago I was very lucky to have my first formal encounter with Yoga. A severe period of depression triggered my need to seek for a spiritual practice, it was through Yoga that I gradually regained health and allowed balance and joy to reenter my life. 

I've been living and sharing Yoga for a while now. The journey has gifted me with many soul-teachers. Yoga used as a complete system allows total transformation. This ever-evolving practice has the power to expand our consciousness and can dictate how we share our energy in the world.

I'm not interested on making people bendy or fit; I'm interested on sharing Yoga as a Healing Practice. Currently studying a Yoga Therapist Training Program accredited by the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT). My main goal is to aid people on their process through different practices and ancient techniques.

A beautiful path into self-healing and the recognition of our inner power. 



I know I’m my best self when I’m at the sea. The freedom of the ocean is my main inspiration in life. I’m 26, born in México, raised in México & Guatemala. Since I was young my family traveled. A lot. Traveling is my passion, the reason and the main idea behind WAYS. Through different cultures I understand my roots better; I grow, I learn, I exist. To pack my bags has become the greatest pleasure in my life. I’m excited to share this with you along with the places that have changed my path forever.

Interior architecture graduate, plastic artist & designer, I paint my way through life, brushing between being a really intense person & a highly sensitive being. I love to love. Fiercely.

Yoga teacher/student/enthusiast, I believe in wellness, happiness, healing, empowerment, the power of the mind, but mostly, I believe in the power of the heart. I believe we have the power to shape this life in whichever way we want.

Done with the heart, anything is posible.  

I’ll hug you, mostly. 





   200-hour TT - OM Yoga Center with Cindy Lee, NYC

   200-hour TT - Yoga Works, Pacific Palisades, CA

   Maha Sadhana Workshop with Sri Dharma Mittra, Los Angeles CA 

   40-hour Prenatal TT - Yoga Works, Orange County 

   Traditional Thai Massage 60-hour Certification, Bali 

   AcroYoga Elemental & Solar Immersions, Bali / Mexico City

   Happy Yoga / Meditation Workshop with Steve Ross, Los Angeles

   Buddhist Meditation with David Nichtern, NYC

Healing with the Chakras with Nischala Joy Devi, Encinitas CA

The Secret Power of Yoga with Nischala Joy Devi, Encinitas CA 

Silent Meditation Retreat with Richard Miller, Integrative Restorative Institute

Seduction of Spirit with Deepak Chopra & Marianne Williamson, San Diego CA

Yoga of Recovery (Yoga & Ayurveda) with Durga Leela, Encinitas CA



   200-hour TT Yoga Works with Laurel Bevesdorf, MTY, MX

    Sacred Sun Intensive Workshop for teachers with Anna Forrest, NM

   200-hour TT  Trance Dance with Shiva Rea, Venice Beach, CA

   Yoga Works Hip Anatomy Intensive Training, Santa Monica, CA

   Healthy Backbends Workshop with Edward Clark, Mexico City

   Yoga Tribal Groove Workshop with Helen Vanderburg, LA, CA

AcroYoga Elemental Immersion,  MX

Restorative Yoga for pregnancy Workshop, MTY, MX

   Vipassana Meditation 10 day course, MX 

Seduction of Spirit with Deepak Chopra & Marianne Williamson, SD, CA